[Nouveau] [Bug 63135] [bisected] G69/nv50 DisplayPort dual-head fails to switch to KMS

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--- Comment #18 from Devin J. Pohly <djpohly+freedesktop at gmail.com> ---
No, the original problem was not 100% reproducible.  It always felt (this is
only a guess) like it had something to do with how long the KMS switch took...
if it took too long, the monitors went into powersave, and the system would
almost certainly hang.

There seem to be three possibilities for a boot on a bugged revision:
1. Everything works.
2. Displays go into powersave, system hangs, and you can't ssh or use SysRq.
3. (Rare.)  Displays go into powersave but you can still use SysRq.

For the latest attachments, I used a serial console to reliably get logs from
cases 1 and 2.  The original logs (from a 3.9-series kernel) relied on getting
case 3 so I could REISUB and read the logs on next boot, but this may not show
the bug properly.  Would you like me to get logs from a recent kernel using the
serial console so you can compare?

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