[Nouveau] [Bug 63135] [bisected] G69/nv50 DisplayPort dual-head fails to switch to KMS

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Fri Jun 7 07:31:11 PDT 2013


--- Comment #20 from Devin J. Pohly <djpohly+freedesktop at gmail.com> ---
Huh.  Well, I'm building the latest kernel.org git, and I haven't gotten it to
hang yet.  Displays still power off, but I can ssh and reboot normally.

I'll do another bisect with the serial console attached to see if that is more
informative.  Won't be until next week sometime though.  Sorry about the

(P.S. Emil: the patch you attached, applied to a git kernel, does not appear to
fix the "DP:0005:0382: bios data not found" error.)

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