[Nouveau] [Bug 66129] [BISECTED] nouveau, nv50: dual display doesn't work in 3.9

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Yves-Alexis thanks for the bisection log

Note that Bug #64904 is about broken logic wrt VGA detection, and as far as I
can see Display port is not the same as VGA :) (Per Arnold Blaasmo) 

Before proceeding make sure that you have the patches from the above bug
(either apply manually or upstream 3.9.7 & 3.10-rc7)

Firstly can you try single head, and confirm if nouveau works correctly for
each monitor plugged into it's respective connector

Secondly please attach the output of dmesg for working and non-working setup.
vbios might be useful as well [1]

Lastly please be more explicit as to what the issue is
"Starting 3.9, dual screen doesn't work anymore (screen stays blank or doesn't
not start at all)"

* Which screen stays black, is it connected using VGA, 


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