[Nouveau] [Bug 66255] Enabling Xinerama with nouveau driver causes Segmentation fault

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Thu Jun 27 10:28:24 PDT 2013


--- Comment #8 from Trev Jackson <trev.g7pvs at ntlworld.com> ---
Using the ZaphodHeads and Xinerama enabled and having commented out the lines

        if (crtc->randr_crtc->scanout_pixmap)
                x = y = 0;

It now starts without crashing, however I'm getting some odd effects and
although I can drag a window to the bottom double display it isn't visible and
I'm getting the full width of the screen buffer in the top left window, so when
I move the mouse across the desktop moves sideways, showing what is on the
right hand display (although clicking on the copy on the left window has no
effect). The top right display is the only screen that appears correctly.

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