[Nouveau] [Bug 66255] Enabling Xinerama with nouveau driver causes Segmentation fault

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Sun Jun 30 07:10:22 PDT 2013


--- Comment #13 from Trev Jackson <trev.g7pvs at ntlworld.com> ---
The xorg.conf I used with two screen sections produces a 2x2 display with the
menu at the top spanning 2 monitors, this is as I would like (except when
Xinerama is enabled to join the two screens it goes wrong).

The xorg.conf I used with four screen sections (zaphod head) as per the example
doesn't work either, but also the menu is only the width of one display which
at 1024x768 doesn't fit very well.

As far as I know in theory both versions should work - but there seems to be
some sort of problem with Xinerama working with a 2x2 display.

Best Regards

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