[Nouveau] IMPORTANT : Regression since kernel > 3.4 as regards suspend to RAM while using 3D accel

Eric F 3rik.gm at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 10:42:19 PDT 2013


Been wondering why I could never resume from s2r. That's because I always
use 3D accel (compiz, cairo-dock). I have tested each Arch kernel releases,
hoping each time to get s2r to work.

Tired of this, I decided to use 3.4 LTS... 3.4.50
... And guess what ? I could resume from suspend to RAM 100% of the time !!!

I know it may be a hard work for you, but suspend to RAM while using 3D
accel only works with this kernel (and maybe 3.4.51, will give a try).

Suspend to RAM is important for battery saving for laptops.
I use GT555M nvc3.

Best regards,

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