[Nouveau] [Bug 60680] [NV96] HDMI is connected and has mode, TV says "no signal"

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Fri Sep 6 05:55:07 PDT 2013


--- Comment #10 from Pekka Paalanen <ppaalanen at gmail.com> ---
Bisection complete:

cb75d97e9c77743ecfcc43375be135a55a4d9b25 is the first bad commit
commit cb75d97e9c77743ecfcc43375be135a55a4d9b25
Author: Ben Skeggs <bskeggs at redhat.com>
Date:   Wed Jul 11 10:44:20 2012 +1000

    drm/nouveau: implement devinit subdev, and new init table parser

    - make sure not to execute display scripts unless resuming

    Signed-off-by: Ben Skeggs <bskeggs at redhat.com>

The results during bisection were consistent:
- if good, fbcon appears cloned to HDMI at boot, X appears cloned to HDMI by
default, and the HDMI-only full-HD setup works
- if bad, TV always reports "no signal"

$ git bisect log
# bad: [19f949f52599ba7c3f67a5897ac6be14bfcb1200] Linux 3.8
# good: [684012d815c70359162d8b9cc9879b83855e59bf] Linux 3.5.2
git bisect start 'v3.8' 'v3.5.2' '--' 'drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau'
# good: [28a33cbc24e4256c143dce96c7d93bf423229f92] Linux 3.5
git bisect good 28a33cbc24e4256c143dce96c7d93bf423229f92
# bad: [ae168d973f5fa3f3467dc5600f74a0f03e3cafe7] Merge branch
'drm-nouveau-fixes' of git://git.freedesktop.org/git/nouveau/linux-2.6 into
git bisect bad ae168d973f5fa3f3467dc5600f74a0f03e3cafe7
# bad: [c4837d27945b9b607b5a7274a33059e73d1a7831] drm/nouveau/core: remove some
left-over pieces from the porting process
git bisect bad c4837d27945b9b607b5a7274a33059e73d1a7831
# good: [70c0f263cc2eb12e02506eb75f0a71490e7dea4d] drm/nouveau/bios: pull in
basic vbios subdev, more to come later
git bisect good 70c0f263cc2eb12e02506eb75f0a71490e7dea4d
# bad: [3863c9bc887e9638a9d905d55f6038641ece78d6] drm/nouveau/instmem:
completely new implementation, as a subdev module
git bisect bad 3863c9bc887e9638a9d905d55f6038641ece78d6
# bad: [0134a97979a0abc1c756b0fe491e074693c2bdf5] drm/nv50-/instmem: allocate
vram for kernel objects from end of vram
git bisect bad 0134a97979a0abc1c756b0fe491e074693c2bdf5
# good: [70790f4f819875e8f390871fd15bbbf823f28e1b] drm/nouveau/clock: pull in
the implementation from all over the place
git bisect good 70790f4f819875e8f390871fd15bbbf823f28e1b
# bad: [7d9115dee978e8540734c456c925d71a37752b8d] drm/nouveau/mc: port to
subdev interfaces
git bisect bad 7d9115dee978e8540734c456c925d71a37752b8d
# bad: [cb75d97e9c77743ecfcc43375be135a55a4d9b25] drm/nouveau: implement
devinit subdev, and new init table parser
git bisect bad cb75d97e9c77743ecfcc43375be135a55a4d9b25

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