[Nouveau] [Bug 82255] [VP2] Chroma planes are vertically stretched during VDPAU playback

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dump vdpau texture data

(In reply to comment #12)
> The source data is messed up. Just look at the luma/chroma planes that you
> captured.
> The overall image is 1280x544. Which means that each field is 1280x272. And
> chroma would be 640x136
> These look great:
> gm display -size 1280x272 gray:sv0-texture0
> gm display -size 1280x272 gray:sv0-texture1
> These... don't:
> gm display -size 640x136 gray:sv1-texture0
> gm display -size 640x136 gray:sv1-texture1
> Note that texture1 has *some* stuff in it... and trying to display it as
> gm display -size 1280x68 gray:sv1-texture1
> Shows *some* stuff, but not that much. Of course, vdpau *generally speaking*
> works on vp2, so it's highly unlikely that the decoding step is entirely
> broken. It must be some bit of sampler view setup, I guess.
Never said that's it's entirely broken. Pardon if it came out like that :) 

> I'm also guessing that you somehow messed up capturing the contents of the
> chroma since it should have had 2 components, not 1 (which is probably why
> the 1280 stride works out for the chroma image that has something in it).
Feel free to point out how I should capture them. The patch used can be found
in the attachment :)

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