[Nouveau] drm/nve0/disp: Fix HDMI InfoFrame initialisation.

Vincent Pelletier plr.vincent at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 01:07:27 PDT 2014


(sorry for non-threaded reply, I expected to receive my own "git
send-email"-generated post)

This patch is an RFC, with at least 3 things to change before it could
be committed:
- commented-out NV84_DISP_SOR_HDMI_PWR_STATE_ON test: what is this
  needed for ? I couldn't find an equivalent in my trace, but maybe I
  just didn't do what is needed to generate these writes
- commented-out original 0x69040c write, just in case someone think
  it's better to use it (and if so, should I replace in other
  similar functions ?)
- maybe identifying the 0x690480 write

Vincent Pelletier

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