[Nouveau] [Bug 51477] [NV10, NV20] bad/missing graphics, usually alpha-related

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--- Comment #28 from BobbyJ <junkbubba2 at gmail.com> ---
Hello, I came across this bug after installing Lubuntu 14.04.1 and experiencing
the disappearing icons in the default file browser and other places. I turned
off anti-aliasing under Settings>Appearance>Fonts and the icons no longer
disappear. This however makes the text harder to read. 

The title of the bug includes NV10 and NV20. I am just a regular user (not a
developer) but the fix below appears to only reference NV10. I have an Nvidia
GeForece 3 Ti200 graphics card which is considered NV20. Does the fix also
correct the issue for NV20 graphics cards?

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