[Nouveau] [Bug 83992] [NVE0][NVF1] regression, linux 3.17 causes gpu lockups

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Wed Sep 17 08:47:42 PDT 2014


--- Comment #3 from Tom Englund <tomenglund26 at gmail.com> ---
checking out a2d58c33a doesnt make X nor cs:go lockup however it artifacts
badly, and spams dmesg with this
https://gist.github.com/anonymous/f53c93768a9ba1ca0ee0 .

tried setting drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/core/engine/graph/ctxgk110b.c
bundle_token_limit to 0x7c0 instead of 0x600 but no dice.

screenshot of it artifacting http://i.imgur.com/HLb8I6t.png and the artifacts
isnt contained to cs:go they go out on X aswell as you can see on dropbox
systray icon and garbles some text everywhere.

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