[Nouveau] [Bug 90887] PhiMovesPass in register allocator broken

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Thu Jun 18 11:13:35 PDT 2015


--- Comment #10 from jr <j-r at online.de> ---
I can confirm that your patch fixes all occurences of the problem I've found so
far (Lifeless Planet, Eidolon, Costume Quest with FXAA option, Two Worlds 2 sky

I slightly prefer keeping the edge order intact, as this feels 'more correct'
to me (which admittedly doesn't mean much) and allows to collapse the separate
loops into one (which is only a micro optimization preventing a little bit of
alloc/free). But since I cannot promise to have time to debug and fix problems
with my patch (though I expect to be reachable by this email address for the
forseeable future), it is best to choose the approach you feel most comfortable

I'm happy either way and very grateful that you could spend time on this issue.

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