[Nouveau] Project ideas for GSoC/EVoC

Karol Herbst karolherbst at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 19:13:31 UTC 2017

Hi everybody,

currently on the Xorg Wiki page [1] there are only three projects
ideas, two being quite similiar:
1. Instruction scheduling
2. Maxwell Video Accel Decoding
3. Kepler Video Accel Encoding
and also the reference to our Trello board.

Because I don't expect any student interested in a GSoC/EVoC project
to read our wiki or trello, I am sure to attract more students, we
should give more project examples, best if those are all in different
areas of the driver.

I am fine with writing and adding new ideas on the wiki, but it would
be nice if you come up with interesting projects as well, so that I
can work on those and add them to the wiki.

My spontaneous ideas are:

* Better handling of OOM situations:
** more swapping to system memory
** memory usage reporting to userspace

* Performance analysis:
** what are Noveaus most hit bottlenecks
** how easy is it to figure those out
** improve/write tools and nouveaus support for those to figure those
out (maybe more counters needed, something else?)

* initial Vulkan driver

* OpenCL
** finishing up what we already have
** pass the CTS

* experimental nir support (why not if somebody wants to spend time on this?)

* some super difficult compiler optimizations
** which ones indeed?

* random reclocking stuff
** big enough for an entire GSoC/EVoC project?
** Roy, Ben: Status on Fermi/Tesla

And because I don't just go ahead and add those things, I also would
like to get your feedback on the ideas I mentioned here. In the end I
would like to get 10 or more ideas written down somewhere, maybe even
on the Xorg wiki page, but then it would be like 50% Nouveau, but this
shouldn't be our problem.

Many thanks,


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