[Nouveau] trouble connecting to Panduit VGA adapter

Roy Spliet nouveau at spliet.org
Fri Sep 1 17:09:37 UTC 2017

If this doesn't work I suspect the converter is really blocking/damaging 
the EDID information. The official NVIDIA driver is willing to fall back 
to default modes, but this fall-back was handled less gracefully on 
nouveau last time I checked.

You might be able to use the xrandr tool to manually add a mode for the 
display. Forgive me for not knowing the exact syntax, but from what I 
recall you can use cvt to generate a modeline and copy-paste the 
parameters into an xrandr command to add, then use a second xrandr 
command to enable the display either in mirror mode or positioned 
relative to another display. If you're lucky, that mode corresponds well 
enough with what the projector will accept to just work.

Op 01-09-17 om 18:01 schreef Ilia Mirkin:
> Are you running a v4.12-based kernel? If so, update to v4.13-rcN or
> integrate https://github.com/skeggsb/linux/commit/13a86519202c5d119d83640d6f781f3181205d2c
> into your kernel build.
> On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 12:50 PM, Marko Schuetz-Schmuck
> <MarkoSchuetz at web.de> wrote:
>> I want to connect to an InFocus projector that sits behind a Panduit VGA
>> adapter. I use a Thinkpad P51 with a mini display-port to VGA
>> converter. The laptop runs Manjaro and has the
>> video-hybrid-intel-nouveau-prime installed and it works with other
>> monitors. For some reason it does not detect the projector that is
>> connected through the Panduit. The keyboard shortcut to switch monitor
>> configuration says "No External Display". xrandr reports only the
>> built-in screen.
>> I talked to the technician for the room installation and he told me that
>> he had seen this before on a Ubuntu machine and that switching to the
>> proprietary nvidia driver solved that problem. For various reasons I'd
>> rather not switch to that driver.
>> I also found some lines with "DRM: DDC responded, but no EDID for DP-1"
>> in them from around the time I tried connecting to the projector. Could
>> they be related?
>> Is there some setting or configuration that can help in this case?
>> Best regards,
>> Marko
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