[Nouveau] Power Management under Nouveau

Pierre Moreau pierre.morrow at free.fr
Mon Sep 4 12:52:43 UTC 2017

Hello Paulo,

Power management is made of different things:

* reclocking the memory and the engines: this is supported on some Tesla cards
  (>G92), all Kepler ones and on the first generation of Maxwell (GM10x). In
  that regard, the Arch Linux wiki is right, as Pascal cards do not support

* power- and clock-gating: there’s some ongoing work for it, but none of the
  cards have upstream support for it.

* automatically suspending the card when it is not used (only for Optimus
  setups): this should work for most laptops (except for MacBooks). This is
  what the Fedora wiki is referring to.

There is also adjusting the voltage, changing the fan speed, and probably a few

> there's no DONE stamp on the Power management row. Is this up-to-date?

I think so, as power- and clock gating are not supported yet, power management
support is not done yet. But the [power management feature matrix][1] seems to
be a bit out-of-date.


[1]: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/PowerManagement/
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