[Nouveau] nvidia geforce 1050 on xps 9560 crashing - howto debug

Paulo Matos paulo at matos-sorge.com
Fri Sep 8 13:10:35 UTC 2017


I am slightly stuck in a corner case I don't know how to debug.
I have an optimus setup in a dell xps 9560 with a discrete gpu nvidia
geforce 1050 (Pascal - NV130).

I installed Fedora and if I do not boot with nouveau.modeset=0, then the
computer crashes as soon as I try to start Xorg (I have disabled
wayland). So, gdm starts but then as soon as I get into i3 or gnome, the
computer crashes and hangs.

How can I debug what's happening or generate enough information to help
someone to sort it out?

Is there some sort of debug flag I can activate, then crash the computer
and capture that info in a new book?

kind regards,

Paulo Matos

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