[Nouveau] [Bug 93828] Xorg hangs randomly with nouveau driver

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--- Comment #19 from BitPit at earthlink.net ---
The nouveau driver hangs with mythfrontend.  My system is a desktop intel i7
onboard graphics running kde plasma and a separate user (seat) running
mythfrontend directly on X (not kde) using an nvidia GT240   The allows me to
use my desktop system at the same time the TV is running mythtv in an adjacent
room.  When the nouveau driver hangs it has no affect on the desktop system,
the last frame or menu remains static on the TV even after restarting the
mythfrontend application.

I can reliably cause the hang by stopping the video player using the remote
control then trying to stop it again before it completes the first stop.  I see
the last frame of video and the remote no longer works.  Restarting the
mythfrontend application, as root on the desktop, blanks the screen then the
last frame of video is shown on the TV even though the application has not
started a player.  Restarting should display a menu, but once hung the picture
does not change.

I suspect the some internal registers or kernel data structures are not
finished being cleaned up and the second stop does not allow this to complete.

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