[Nouveau] [ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.16

Ilia Mirkin imirkin at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jan 29 04:53:35 UTC 2019

Hash: SHA256

Full log below, but most notably:
 - Better 30bpp handling
 - DP-MST hotplug support
 - DRI3/Present support in the presence of rotated RandR screens
 - Updates for various Xorg API changes
 - Autoconf cleanups

Adam Jackson (1):
      modesetting: Validate the atom for enum properties

Ilia Mirkin (10):
      man: remove reference to glamor under DRI option
      dri3: remove bogus condition for creating pixmap
      nv50/xv: add support for depth 30 xv output
      dri3: don't check permissions on render node
      drmmode: provide better error when failing to set gamma
      drmmode: update logic for dynamic connectors, paths, and tiles
      present: rotated crtc's work fine
      Revert "wfb: Fix missing init function decls behind FB_ACCESS_WRAPPER"
      update known chipsets list
      Bump version to 1.0.16

Mario Kleiner (1):
      Fix colormap handling at screen depth 30. (v2)

Rhys Kidd (27):
      Check for xf86CursorResetCursor()
      xv: Silence build warning regarding const qualifier
      wfb: Fix missing init function decls behind FB_ACCESS_WRAPPER
      xv: Avoid shadowed declaration of 'int i' in NVPutImage
      xv: Avoid shadowed declaration of 'int ret' in NVPutImage
      wfb: Remove declaration for undefined function nouveau_wfb_init()
      dri2: Mark local create/destroy buffer and copy region functions as static
      xv: Mark local NVSetupTexturedVideo function as static
      xv/nv30, nv40: Mark local NV30GetSurfaceFormat and NV40GetSurfaceFormat as static
      config: Fix typo in comment
      config, nv: Use xorg-macros PACKAGE_VERSION_{MAJOR, MINOR, PATCHLEVEL}
      config: Only check for presence of libdrm package once
      config: Rely upon list.h as at least xorg-server 1.8 required
      config: remove AC_PROG_CC as it overrides AC_PROG_C_C99
      gitignore: Update to mirror modern X.org drivers
      config: libtoolize: put macros in AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR, 'm4'
      config: Use XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS which replaces six XORG_* macros
      config: remove unrequired AC_HEADER_STDC
      config: Utilize util-macros 1.8 for additional man page support
      config: Use LT_INIT option instead of AC_DISABLE_STATIC
      config: Add comments for main statements
      config: Remove unrequired AC_SUBST for LIBDRM_NOUVEAU and LIBUDEV
      config: remove unused sdkdir=$(pkg-config...) statement
      config: Set automake options consistently in one location
      config: Complete bug report URL for Xorg DDX nouveau driver
      config: Suggest upstream to find macros in case they are missing
      Adapt to PixmapDirtyUpdateRec::src being a DrawablePtr

git tag: xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16

MD5:  ecd9be89d853301167e3d564c49f7a8e  xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.bz2
SHA1: a2d19439ceed315079207a62c6888a12e8489995  xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.bz2
SHA256: 304060806415579cdb5c1f71f1c54d11cacb431b5552b170decbc883ed43bf06  xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.bz2
SHA512: 41b7839c37372660968ab7da2bc3d9feef3cab4e994d05d4ba6e59071f0d1b1f8d7dcdbcb15a42a375a556d28dc067f9ffe45d73c1d121ad307d199107ade3e0  xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.bz2
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/driver/xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.bz2.sig

MD5:  28a297db6918db2595819fbc9e0c26fd  xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.gz
SHA1: 6c2107ecb365b6644bb5f14a494d9987bdc966c3  xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.gz
SHA256: 83553d4625e2990e569312e26540bebbdb2de14896ad4e9a9c872eda1df6cc7d  xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.gz
SHA512: 08a15e55ecf76e61e212ef62dfaa59a67f4bc609fb0911a95a1d8d0ddcef9c41271f94368282dbdaa2b97ff185410540310e3f6ec209eb55726370b1bd8813d8  xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.gz
PGP:  https://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/driver/xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.16.tar.gz.sig



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