[Nouveau] Stepping away.

Ben Skeggs skeggsb at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 22:25:21 UTC 2023

Hi all,

As you may have gathered from the MAINTAINERS patch I just sent out, I
have resigned from my position at Red Hat, and will be stepping back
from nouveau development.

This is a personal decision that I've been mulling over for a number
of years now, and I feel that with GSP-RM greatly simplifying support
of future HW, and the community being built around NVK, that things
are in good hands and this is the right time for me to take some time
away to explore other avenues.

I still have a personal system with an RTX 4070, which I've been using
the nouveau GSP-RM code on for the past couple of weeks, so chances
are I'll be poking my nose in every so often :)

I wish everyone the best, and look forward to seeing the progress you
all make on nouveau in the future.

Happy hacking!


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