[Ocs] Meeting Proposal: OCS Next Sprint Review

Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Sun Mar 4 02:04:06 PST 2012

Hey there :)

As you may already know, few of us, and actually more and more
projects are still interested in the second major version of the Open
Collaboration Services Standard, which is very impressive and awesome.
Meanwhile, having a wiki page or git repository setup for the draft is
a nice step, I believe, it is even better to have a focused and
coordinated meeting on the topic where we can revisit the ideas we
figured out at the sprint [1] last year. There are, of course, new
members in our community, thus the review would be welcome from those
people, and also, if they have further ideas for improvements.

I have already discussed my idea with some of you about a potential
IRC meeting. Unfortunately, it is not a personal experience with each
other as the excellent one we had in Berlin last year, but I think it
is a good boost. I am personally unsure whether we would be able to
obtain financial support for a face to face meeting again, or just
find the time ourselves for the traveling and coordinating all the
neccesary practicalities for that (albeit, if you think that is a
better option, I can try to find the time for organizing one).

Hence my proposal (I know it sounds a bit strange, but please bear with me):
What about an IRC meeting at some weekend, preferrably a dedicated
Saturday, either in the second half of March or the first half of
April ? I would not personally like to postpone this happening too
much (ie. months), if possible. Unfortunately, it does not work for me
earlier because of the upcoming Plasma Active 3 Sprint and the
post-activities of that event.

My plans would be for this meeting, in a nutshell:
1) Get as many contributors as possible around this standard to build
a nice community which can sustain itself later.
2) Obviously, review the points we made about a RESTful Standard at
the previous Sprint :), and more importantly: get them written into a
draft format on some public page.
3) Distribute standard editing tasks, due to the enumerated ideas, to
the participants.
4) Clearly define the strategy for trying to make client side
implementation(s), like an add-on Qt5 module (which I, for instance,
would love to deal with), python, php implementation and so forth.
5) Clearly define the strategy for trying to make server side
implementetation(s), like getting python, php and so forth,

I have also further ideas, like marketing around the Standard and
collecting potential clients for getting involved in the loop.. Also,
the testing of the API itself that Henri was pushing previously, and
so forth, but any good kick-off meeting would be brilliant, at least
in my opinion. =)

What do you think, especially Frank ?

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

[1] http://dot.kde.org/2011/05/18/open-collaboration-services-next-sprint

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