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+= CSV Import Test Instructions =
+== Test Documents Naming Convention ==
+There are two types of csv test files included in this directory.  The ones 
+prefixed by "space_" are space-separated csv files, while those prefixed by 
+"fixed_" are fixed width csv's.  
+The files contain three types of number formats: 1-1 (num_dash_num), 1.1 
+(num_dot_num) and 1,1 (num_comma_num).  Also, the ones ending with "_quoted" 
+have their values quoted.  
+== When Importing Each File == 
+Import each file with and without the "Quoted field as text" option, and with 
+and without "Detect special numbers" option.  Also import using at minimum, 
+'English (USA)' and 'French (France)' as the Language.  
+== Importing Fixed Width CSV with Quoted Values ==
+When importing a fixed-width CSV file with quoted values, set the "Separator 
+options" to "Fixed width", and set partitions between the quoted values.
+== Importing Space-Separated CSV ==
+Set the "Separator options" to "Separated by", and check "Space" check box and 
+"Text delimiter" to '"' (double quote).  
+== Language ==
+Selecting different languages affects how thousands separators and decimal 
+separators are interpreted.  For example, selecting 'French (France)' expects 
+a valid number to be formatted as "123 456,789" whereas in 'English (USA)' the 
+same number is expressed as "123,456.789".  In 'English (USA)', the thousands 
+and decimal separators are ',' and '.' respectively, while in 'French 
+(France)' they are ' ' and ',', respectively.  
+== Quoted Field as Text ==
+When this option is checked, any quoted value (such as "1.34") is imported as 
+text, without automatic conversion to numeric value.  Since all texts 
+internally carry a value of 0, performing arithmetic on such value always 
+yields zero.  That's one way to test whether a cell has a text or a number.  
+Also, using ISTEXT or ISNUMBER cell function is helpful in determining whether 
+the value is text or number.  
+== Detect Special Numbers ==
+With this option checked, Calc tries to detect special numbers such as dates, 
+scientific notations etc.  For instance, a value such as 1-1 will be converted 
+to date using 'English (USA)' as the language, and a value such as 1.1 will be 
+converted to date using 'French (France)', and so on.  

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