[ooo-build-commit] Branch 'ooo-build-3-1-1' - patches/dev300

Kohei Yoshida kohei at kemper.freedesktop.org
Mon Nov 30 16:53:12 PST 2009

 patches/dev300/apply |    3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

New commits:
commit 2227f01d49589ef221ee6099c7f1964a38e86468
Author: Kohei Yoshida <kyoshida at novell.com>
Date:   Mon Nov 30 19:52:27 2009 -0500

    Fixed incorrect import of sheet protection options.
    * patches/dev300/apply:
    * patches/dev300/calc-xls-import-sheet-protection-fix.diff:
      some xls documents have extra "feature header" records (where sheet
      protection options are stored) that stores no data at all, but
      we weren't checking the validity of each feature header record and
      importing everything.  That caused the sheet protection options
      to be imported incorrectly. (n#542024)

diff --git a/patches/dev300/apply b/patches/dev300/apply
index 1d63566..ed00394 100644
--- a/patches/dev300/apply
+++ b/patches/dev300/apply
@@ -3250,6 +3250,9 @@ calc-copy-range-animated-border-svx.diff, kohei
 # fix incorrect casting of chart positioning code.
 calc-chart-wrong-cast.diff, i#104484, caolan/kohei
+# Fix R1C1 parser.
+calc-r1c1-parse-fix.diff, n#557475, kohei
 [ CalcRowLimit ]
 # The work to increase Calc's row size limit, and any work associated with it.
 SectionOwner => kohei

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