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Author: Kohei Yoshida <kyoshida at novell.com>
Date:   Thu Sep 17 12:27:57 2009 -0400

    Added Calc's usability notes.
    * doc/calc-usability-notes.txt: added to keep track of some
      observed usability issues that we may need to look at later.

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+== Export as PDF does not export selected sheets ==
+* The user wants to export the 2nd and 3rd sheets as pdf document.  
+  So, she selects the 2nd and 3rd sheets by ctrl-click with the mouse 
+  cursor.
+* She clicks the "quick export to PDF" icon in the tool bar, but only 
+  sees the first sheet exported as pdf.  Note that the first sheet is 
+  not selected.
+* She then tries File - Export as PDF menu, which brings up more 
+  detailed pdf export options in the dialog.  She selects 'Selection' 
+  in the Range option, and hits "Export" button at the bottom.  But 
+  the pdf document still contains the first sheet, not the 2nd and 3rd 
+  sheets that she wanted to export.  
+* After lots of struggle, she realizes that her document has a 
+  non-default print range set.  So she removes the print range by 
+  Format - Print Ranges - Remove, then tries to export as PDF by File 
+  - Export as PDF menu once again (and select 'Selection' in the Range 
+  option).  
+* This time she succeeds; the PDF document only contains the 2nd and 
+  3rd sheets.  
+== Unable to type a formula into a cell and have it computed. ==
+* The user tries to type a formula expression into a cell, an 
+  expression such as '=SUM(A1:A10)'.  
+* However, even after hitting ENTER, that expression remains displayed 
+  as-is, instead of it being interpreted and the result being 
+  displayed.
+* She then realizes that the format of that cell is set to TEXT, 
+  resets it to Default and re-enters the formula.  This time, it gets 
+  interpreted.  

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