[ooo-build] ANNOUNCE: ooo-build- released (3.2-rc4)

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Jan 28 02:50:01 PST 2010


I am happy to announce 3.2-rc4 release of ooo-build-3-2 branch. You might find 
it at


Note that I have skipped the ooo-build- release. I used rc4 to avoid 
confusion and stay in sync with the corresponding upstream versioning.

Known bugs:

	+ no blocker
	+ more known bugs can be found in the Novell bugzilla, see

Upcoming deadlines:

I will release rc5 if we find and fix a blocker. I will inform you in this 
case with another mail.

Status of branches and plans:

	+ ooo-build-3-2 (3.2 rc phase):
		+ currently support ooo320-m11 (upstream rc4)
		+ please, commit only save and well tested fixes in the common sections
		+ do not forget to commit fixes into master as well
		+ will release rc5 if any blocker is found
		+ will release maintenance updates if some serious fixes appear

	+ master (3.2.1 development):
		+ currently support ooo320-m8 (probably also m11)
		+ any development is allowed
		+ feature freeze in the first midle of February; depends on the upstream
                  3.2.1 schedule; I expect that we will be defined after the
                  3.2 release
		+ want release alpha1 within next two weeks

	+ ooo-build-3-1-1 (3.1.1 maintenance mode):
		+ only save and well tested fixes are allowed in the common sections
		+ final release at
		+ (less tested) maintenance udpate at
		+ might do more releases for a maintenance update in the future

Novell team outlook:

	+ OOXML import/export filter [Cedric, Radek]
	+ VBA support in Writer [Fong,Noel]
	+ various Calc fixes [Kohei]
	+ split build in git [Kendy]
	+ split build [Petr]
	+ OOo-3.2 bugfixing [all]
	+ ...

Changes in this release against

ooo-build- (3.2-rc4)

    + features:
        + support ooo320-m11 [Rene, Petr]
        + multilingual Lightproof grammar checker extension [KAMI]
    + Common bits:
        + valgrind warnings [Kohei, Thorsten]
        + increase the default java stack size to 1MB (bnc#572372) [Petr]
    + Calc bits:
        + CSV dialog parameters storing (i#108645) [Kohei]
        + hidden rows heights XLS export (bnc#573938) [Kohei]
        + pagenation when printing selected cells (bnc#569328) [Kohei]
        + drilling down on field member crasher (i#103347, bnc#573456) [Kohei]
    + Write bits:
        + bullets RTF export (bnc#569266) [Cédric]
        + create style via API (i#108426) [Cédric]
    + VBA bits:
        + library location so VBA services work for Windows [Noel]
    + Win32 port:
        + better PDF import fix [Tor]
    + l10n bits:
        + Spanish translations fix [Eduardo]
    + build bits:
        + add eu helpcontent2 auxiliary [Rene]
        + en-US only build breakage [Fridrich]
        + presenter screen extension build [Petr]
        + localize framework improvements [KAMI, Petr]
        + build with internal Cairo on Linux [Fridrich]
    + Frugalware bits:
        + switch from KDE3 to KDE4 [Miklos]
    + FSF.hu:
        + vendor name in Windows installer [Andras]
    + Go-oo bits:
        + do not support Windows 9x [Fridrich]
        + branding for the Windows installer [Fridrich]
        + support build with the lowest possible GTK+ [Fridrich]
    + OxygenOffice bits:
        + accessories update [KAMI]
        + build setting update [KAMI]
    + Ubuntu bits:
        + build on ARM [Chris]
        + add Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) support [Chris]

ooo-build- (3.2-rc3)

    + skipped

Best Regards,

Petr Mladek
software developer
SUSE LINUX, s. r. o.                        e-mail: pmladek at suse.cz
Lihovarská 1060/12                          tel: +420 284 028 952
190 00 Prague 9                             fax: +420 284 028 951
Czech Republic                              http://www.suse.cz/

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