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timc timc
Wed Dec 10 18:21:40 PST 2008

Hi, all,
	I am Tim. I am glad to have this opportunity to work with you. I
think the first thing I can do is dual head support. I ever implemented
RandR, so I think we can discuss how to apply it to Openchrome to make it
better. But I still need some time to familiarize Openchrome's code. If you
have any question about the register setting, I'll answer it as far as I
can. I also look forward to work with you.


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On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 7:25 AM, Ivor Hewitt <ivor at ivor.org> wrote:
> Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Bruce used a slightly wrong address for the mailing list, sending again.
>> I'll answer asap, but feel free to beat me to it. I've already asked Tim
>> to introduce himself thru the mailing list, he should do it soonish.
>> Cheers,
>> Xavier
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>> Subject:      Detail co-working model discussion
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>> Hello Xavier:
>>      I have 2 issues relative to co-working model with VIA and like to
>> discuss with our friends
>> 1. Multi-Head support: It's my understanding that some friends in
>> OpenChrome are developing this function. If VIA join this task, there
>> might be 3 experts working for this function. Can VIA take care the HW
>> relative setting such as the parameters due to VIA has some experiments
>> on some platforms for getting these parameters. Is that OK?
>> 2. In which way VIA develop the code: Should VIA submit code through
>> mailing list? or a branch for VIA? I would like to request our friend's
>> comment here. Tim is keeping pushing me for the answer so that he can
>> start to do something.
> happy for minor fixes (or self contained and completely working new
> functionality) to go direct in trunk, breaking changes/work in
> progress/iterative development in a new branch.
> on that point.... I'll create accounts for those who want them. Just
> email me a username and output of httpasswd for your chosen account and
> I'll add you.
> PS sorry I forgot to add yours yet tim I'll do it right now and I'll let
> you know.
> Cheers,
> Ivor


I have been working on the dual display work.  I think this is an
excellent opportunity to prove that we can work together successfully.
 I will create a new branch in subversion and from there we can start
submitting code.  I am more on IRC now that I have a stable internet
conneciton in Melbourne.  That also puts me closer to normal working
hours for developers in Taiwan.

You can catch me on IRC as jnettlet usually.  I can also give my skype
information as I know that is sometimes more reliable in Taiwan.

Looking forward to working with you.


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