[Openchrome-devel] Openchrome status

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Thu Feb 14 02:21:41 PST 2008

Hi guys,

All the usual suspects seems to be subscribed now so let's inaugurate 
the list.

Here's a quick status of the WIP, it would be cool if you guys can 
comment on the items you work on/know about with 

- libpciaccess support (Jon)
- Laptop panel support (Gabriel)
- HW cursor improvement (Gabriel)
- CX700 hw acceleration support (Gabriel)
- VT1625 support (Ivor)
- TV out abstraction code (Ivor)
- Code clean up (Benno)
- Doc rewrite (Xavier)
- Bugs triage (Xavier)

 From what I gather from the bug reports, mailing list and irc, here's a 
highly subjective list of openchrome's most wanted features, in 
decreasing order :
- DVI support
- VT1625 TV encoder support
- Chrome9 3D support (out of openchrome scope, but still related)
- CX700 HW acceleration support
- IDCT acceleration support
- MC acceleration support
- Mpeg4 and friends acceleration support
- Multiple Xv ports support
- Random modeline support for TV-out

I know some of you have unfinished, not working code, etc... I think 
it'd still be useful to commit that in some branches so people can look 
at it and may be this'll help attract new developers.
Similarly, it would be good to merge as much code as possible in the 
trunk to get wider exposure. I mostly think of the randr branch, which 
seems pretty helpful to a a lot of people. I'd like to have yet another 
release once this is in trunk and have received a bit of testing.

This leads to the major openchrome pb faces currently, we're low on 
manpower. Only Gabriel and Jon are currently producing code and only 
Benno and I are trying to reliably answer users' questions (and 
admittedly, I'm pretty bad at that at the moment). We need to get a 
better exposure in order to attract more developers, more packagers and 
more 'support monkeys'. The releases put us on a good track for 
inclusion into distros and I hope better documentation would help with 
attracting more people willing to answer user questions. The bug tracker 
is also not really helpful as new bugs are not posted to the mailing 
list, anonymous reports are allowed and we have a huge backlog of 
unanswered and badly/not triaged bugs.

That's all folks, let's begin the discussion and move forward now :-)


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