[Openchrome-devel] pVia->Chipset versus pVia->ChipId

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Sat Mar 1 04:22:57 PST 2008

Thomas Hellstr?m wrote:
> Xavier Bachelot wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> While looking at via_xvmc.c, I found out that chips are either matched 
>> with, for example, (pVia->Chipset == VIA_PM800) or (pVia->ChipId == 
>> PCI_CHIP_VT3259). It looks like the same information to me and I find 
>> this to be confusing. Couldn't we choose one and get rid of the other 
>> or am I missing something ?
>> Regards,
>> Xavier
> I think it should be sufficient to save keep pVia->ChipId.
> /Thomas

Is there any reason to prefer pVia->ChipId over pVia->Chipset ? 
pVia->Chipset is more readable imho. fwiw, in the whole code, there are 
864 lines containing pVia->Chipset versus 297 with pVia->ChipId.


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