[Openchrome-devel] K8M800 artifacts, trac #145, trac #164

Benno Schulenberg bensberg
Sun Mar 16 07:06:57 PDT 2008

Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> Thomas Hellstr?m wrote:
> > Anyway, I have a K8M800 here, and I have just pushed a fix to
> > drm that seems to cure the AGP DMA problems I was seeing. Could
> > you check back with the openChrome-users?
> This is excellent news. I unfortunately can't try this myself as
> I don't have neither a K8M800 nor a VM800, but I'll post to the
> mailing list to get some feedback and I'll also try to PM some of
> the reporters.

I've already asked Andrey Melentyev to try the 
7d3d15e67de27f7c47859f36bb55002f0c9d52d6 commit.

By the way, the kernel panic is fixed now too, by commit 
563fe9dcd4d08de8864ade161258df891f3db471, I guess.

Thanks, Thomas.



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