[Openchrome-devel] openchrome-ttm-svn not working on HP2133 (CX700M)

Stephan Raue stephan.raue
Tue Feb 10 22:26:33 PST 2009

BruceChang at via.com.tw schrieb:
> Hello Sir:
>     I think HP2133 should use Chrome9 (CN896) instead of CX700M.
ok, my fault. do you mean openchrome-ttm not working on hp2133? works 
this better with CX700?

> Regards
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> Subject: [Openchrome-devel] openchrome-ttm-svn not working on HP2133 (CX700M)
> Hi all,
> i am trying to run openchrome-ttm from svn with Mesa-openchrome and libdrm-newttm on linux-2.6.29-rc4 and xorg-server  on a HP2133 with Via CX700M Chipset with a self made embedded linux distribution, crosscompiled with uClib 0.9.30. It doesnt work, Xorg freezes (with vesa-driver it works). Openchrome and DRM Kernel Module loads perfectly.
> - What must i do to have a working xorg?
> - how can i help you to fix problems?
> - what informations do you need?
> My Dream is a recent Xorg-server without xorg.conf with DRM and GL to run pigment or clutter apps on Via CX700 Chipset
> My Xorg.log i have attached.

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