[Openchrome-devel] New "openchrome" DRM driver.

Thomas Hellström thomas
Sat Jan 17 08:49:43 PST 2009


I've pushed a new "openchrome" drm driver to the modesetting-newttm 
branch. The driver is a rework of the old via drm driver: Removing old 
unused stuff, cleaning up the interface and adding integrated memory 
manager functionality and command submission in the form of the new TTM 
implementation. The driver manages dynamic AGP in the form of "TT" 
memory. VRAM memory and a pre-bound AGP memory region for transient buffers.

Features of the new driver also include an extension mechanism for 
feature version handling that was discussed on the list some time ago. 
Comments on that one is appreciated.

The openchrome drm driver is not yet fully functionally complete. What's 
missing is a bit more device initialization (Still relying on the Xorg 
driver to do some VGA register initialization) and it doesn't yet 
implement command buffer splitting on out-of-aperture space which is the 

The driver backs a new "openchrome" mesa openGL driver for VIA CX700 and 
older chipsets It features
OpenGL 1.3, S3TC decompression, accelerated GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_objects, 
GL_EXT_frame_buffer_objects, accelerated copyTexImage, copyPixels and 
pipelined accelerated drawPixels.
This driver is not ported to mesa master yet, and will be pushed when 
there is time. Same for a TTM-aware xf86-video-openchrome which will 
reside in a branch of the openchrome repo for now.

Plan is, after some discussion with the openchrome and VIA people, to 
slowly move over and obsolete the old via drm- and unichrome mesa 
drivers. The current unichrome mesa driver is quite buggy and unstable 
and isn't really maintained.

Meanwhile the new openchrome drm driver should be thought of as 


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