[Openchrome-devel] Google Earth reports broken IRQ for vblank.

Don Cupp doncuppjr
Thu Jul 2 18:03:36 PDT 2009

I have used both the trunk and svn versions of the driver.
I have used both my distro's mesagl and compiled my own from the latest source.
I have compiled the Kernel with broken IRQ worksround and without.
I have compiled the Kernel with PCI access mode MMCONFIG and Direct and Bios.
All to no avail.

glxgears runs perfect. tuxkart runs perfect. Is this a GE problem?(works in a VM)

googleearth only works if I disable vblank in .drirc or put "DisableIRQ" "true" in xorg.conf.

Unfortunently without the vblank feedback to GE, large sections of the GL viewing area not posted. Often you have to resize the window slightly to get anything to display at all.


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