[Openchrome-devel] [PATCH] Fix new modesetting on P4M890

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Sat Jul 11 01:31:25 PDT 2009

Rafa? Mi?ecki wrote:
> W dniu 11 lipca 2009 00:21 u?ytkownik Xavier Bachelot
> <xavier at bachelot.org> napisa?:
>> Fwiw, I don't have any issue switching resolution on a VX800. iirc,
>> Bartosz also tested, and has no issue on a K8M890. Looks like only
>> P4M890 is affected so may be it should be wrapped in a chipset test. I
>> have yet to test if it the patch has any side effect on the VX800 though.
> Is gang65 Bartosz? If so, did you get some private info from him? In
> comment: http://www.openchrome.org/trac/ticket/309#comment:6 he wrote
> about experiencing similar problem...
yes, Bartosz is gang65. I talk with him on irc, but it would indeed be
better if he reports the results of his tests directly.


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