[Openchrome-devel] Chrome9 HC chipset support

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Wed May 13 13:45:52 PDT 2009

Radha Ramasamy, TLS, Chennai wrote:
> Hi all,
> I understand that the openchrome driver provides support for various
> chipsets; Chorme9 HC is one among them. I also understand from the
> documents that it doesn't provide 3D support for Chrome9 HC. I am
> wondering if this will be provided in near future. We are in situation
> where our device needs 3D support. If the support is not going to come
> soon, we will have to enhance the driver with 3D support.  I went
> through the source code, looks like the support is available for other
> chipsets. I could not find where it is being restricted for Chorme9 HC.
> What changes would be needed to bring the 3D support for Chrome 9. I may
> be blindly asking this question. Please guide me.
Actually, OpenChrome is only the 2D driver, the 3D is provided by Mesa.
The preferred path to get to Chrome9 3D support would be to write a
Gallium3D based driver. However, this is a huge work and VIA didn't
released enough information to get that going anyway. Maybe it would be
easier to just enhance the old style DRI driver, in which case you might
want to take a look at http://www.openchrome.org/trac/wiki/TTM_branch
and especially
This is a unichrome DRI driver rewrite on top of a portage of the
openchrome driver to TTM.


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