[Openchrome-devel] Coordinating some changes

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Fri May 29 11:04:16 PDT 2009

Ivor Hewitt wrote:
> Jon Nettleton wrote:
>> I don't personally have a preference either.  My main aim was to just
>> get us using one standard.  If we can all agree on something we have
>> some new developers that have offered their services in doing the grunt
>> work of standardizing the code base.  Let's use this opportunity to make
>> a decision and get this issued resolved once and for all.
> Agreed that change to naming conventions should be a commit independent 
> of other changes.
> We did discuss the switch to uppercase "VIA" some time ago on the 
> mailing list (pretty sure it was mail and not IRC but I may be 
> mistaken), the rational was to use the upper case for "VIA" since the 
> company name is VIA in uppercase, and the use of uppercase VIA makes it 
> apparent that the term isn't being used to mean the english word "via" 
> which may be confusing in some cases.
> But the exception is just for the word VIA, all other names should 
> retain the xorg convention.
I don't care either way, but as Thomas already outlined, both the
openchrome doc and the xorg doc mandate pure camelCase.


As Thomas is in the middle of a big rework, maybe his opinion is worth
special attention. Thomas, what do you think ?

Thomas, about the standardization, and whatever standard is choosen,
would it be okay with you if both trunk and ttm_branch are patched at
the same time ?

Gabriel, is there anything left in the randr_branch that has not been
merged and might worth giving it the same treatment, or is it okay to
let it die ?

I'm reviving this thread as Robbie has a script to do the conversion and
Jon feels it's mandatory to do the standardization before continuing his
work on proper randr support.


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