[Openchrome-devel] Please test KMS branch

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Tue Jan 11 12:43:54 PST 2011

On 01/11/2011 04:51 PM, James Simmons wrote:
> Hi!
> 	I just finished the KMS/UMS reordering. Please test my branch to 
> make sure their are no regressions. Currently no really KMS code has been 
> added just yet. Minus any regressions this wraps up phase one. 
Quickly tested this on a VX800 laptop as well as a VX900 laptop. X
starts but crashes near the end of KDE startup. Additionnaly, after 2
such crashes, VT switching locked up the VX900. Nothing in the X server
logs. Will try to get a backtrace asap.


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