[Openchrome-devel] KMS, TTM/GEM status

James Simmons jsimmons
Tue Jun 7 08:02:12 PDT 2011

> Hi James,
> On Sat, Jun 04, 2011 at 02:01:55AM +0100, James Simmons wrote:
> > > I see you have continued your work on KMS and TTM/GEM support for the via DRM
> > > driver.  Thank you for your efforts to move things forward.
> > 
> > Thank you for trying this code out.
> I haven't actually tried it yet. ;)

DRM kernel branch, remember that KMS is off by default, for good reason -


For the xorg driver


For the next few weeks I'm going to be focusing on gettting the GEM/TTM 
working with the xorg driver. So except alot of changes in the kms_branch.
I will make a announcement once I have DRI2 support going. Also Possible 
are some changes in the drm-openchrome to handle any bugs encountered.

> I am glad you are continuing to make progress.  Thank you for your work!

No problem. Recently I checked in a new date time stamp for the DRM driver 
to see that the KMS/GEM work was only started at the end of february. 
> > Last I seen the work has been stopped for some time. Currently no Mesa 
> > work is being done on my end. As for Thomas drm kernel driver I would say 
> > both our drivers are on the same level. The one difference is I have 
> > attempted to maintain the old VIA driver ioctl apis as well as support new 
> > TTM functionality at the same time. 
> Okay.  Sounds like it will be a long while before we can expect any improvements
> in Mesa support.

Even tho the goal right now is updating the xorg driver it would be a 
waste of time not to write the code so it could just be dropped into the 
gallium infrastructure very easily. I really like to see the xorg driver 
be built from the gallium xorg state tracker :-)
> > > Finally, is there anything I can do to help?  I have hardware to test with (a
> > > VB8002 and EX15000G).
> > 
> > Testers always welcomed. I have been discussing with other developers 
> > about doing week updates for this project. Also a lack of documenation in 
> > the drm api is a issue. 
> Feel free to get in touch if you have anything in particular you'd like tested.
> Right now it is not very clear to me what features would be helpful for me to
> test.

Check out both branches above and test them on your systems. I need to 
make sure no regressions happened. Also test out the kms_branch with the 
mainline VIA drm driver to make sure that works. Ideally I like to push 
out the xorg driver first so when the openchrome DRM kernel driver does go 
main line it will be ready to go.

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