[Openchrome-devel] [ANNOUNCE] New register dumper

Mario Rugiero mrugiero
Fri Nov 18 10:56:26 PST 2011

2011/11/18 Mario Rugiero <mrugiero at gmail.com>

> 2011/11/18 James Simmons <jsimmons at infradead.org>
>> > Thank you for testing the code.
>> >
>> > Well, I've got the dumps. Also, I tried starting lightdm from ssh both
>> with KMS and with standard X.org driver, and with KMS I've got some
>> warnings, which I
>> > copied to a text file (they didn't stop appearing, even when the screen
>> in the Unichrome box freezed, and as they're pretty similar between them, I
>> stopped
>> > execution to follow up with testing) and it's attached with the other
>> logs.
>> Thank you for the logs. Can you send me Xorg logs for these runs as well.
>> With that I can rack down the issue. The difference in your register set
>> is the LVDS settings and the RESET register. The RESET register worries
>> me. I can spend the next few days looking it over.
>> I'll try, but I'm not sure how to identify which run corresponds to which
> log.
It seems like there is no logs. /var/log only has the log from the last
boot and from one two days ago with standard kernel and correctly working.
When I dumped the regs, I'm pretty sure I used the KMS one.
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