[Openchrome-devel] Kernel with KMS support might conflict with X.org keyboard driver

James Simmons jsimmons
Mon Oct 3 11:46:16 PDT 2011

> > Second, I found another strange bug, when using KMS kernel with KMS enabled, independently of using trunk or KMS branch of the DDX driver, I randomly get hang ups while
> > activating ATA units, with which ctrl+alt+supr can not reboot the machine (and I can't remember the other key combination to use in that cases), so I must hard reboot, and I
> > couldn't get logs from that cases.

This weekend I tried my kms kernel branch with the xorg driver and saw 
what you where talking about. If you update the kms branch of the xorg 
driver and the drm-openchrome repo ait should work now. 

	I seen the trac ticket you posted. No need to compile the viafb 
drievr. In fact it might conflict with the via drm driver.

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