[Openchrome-devel] Project Status and works in progress

James Simmons jsimmons
Tue Mar 6 07:17:15 PST 2012

	Time for a update, especially now that we do snapshots. The latest
snap  shot irons out alot of issues with the buildsystem on multiple 
platforms.This release was mainly about general bug fixes dealing with
data corruption and such. 
	Out of those fixes it looks like the mapping between outputs and 
crtc is much better. This weekend I attached a VGA monitor to my VX900 
laptop and I was able to use both monitors. Mind you it didn't display
on both monitors at the same time but this is a big improvement. Also 
with those fixes I hope the issue of DVI and the LVDS getting confused
have been fixed. Anyone that had this problem before please test the 
latest release and let me know. Need to point out the OLPC XO is a 
complete mess with the kms_branch. It needs alot of loving :-(
	I have been testing mode resolution changing to see what problems
exist. Some fixes have been checked in to have EXA and the display to handle
the framebuffer being moved when a new framebuffer is allocated. This is
really needed to support when we attach a monitor of higher possible 
resolution to a laptop. This code is still in the works. Currently I can 
make it work with EXA disabled. The reason is the EXA upload and download 
to the screen need to be updated to handle the changing framebuffer 
location. Once those bugs are fixed I will check in this much needed 
	My lastest testing also included moving the EXA layer to using 
dynamic buffer. Currently the EXA layer uses the classical approach to 
managing the memory, which is allocating a gaint chunk and tracking it 
usage. This code needs alot of work so it will be a while before its
ready for public use.
	Last note to make is that the KMS code in the xorg driver for 
cursor handling has been fixed so its now it is usable. Please note the 
EXA layer has not been enabled for TTM/GEM yet so you will not get any
speed ups. Also only analog VGA KMS is supported at this time.

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