[Openchrome-devel] kms_test results on VX800-based netbook

Svenska svenska-ml
Fri May 18 09:01:11 PDT 2012


> James owns a Quanta IL1, so this particular hardware has been tested.

That's good to know.

> Dual screen is known not to work at the moment, and I've seen the same
> behaviour as you describe on both a VX800 and a VX900 based laptops.
> You should however be able to switch from the LVDS to the VGA port and
> back without issue.

Exactly. So hw cursor is broken as well as dual screen. I can live with 
that. ;-)

>> [drm:via_detect_agp] *ERROR* Failed acquiring AGP device.
>> [drm:via_driver_load] *ERROR* Failed to allocate AGP
> That's expected, you have PCIe ;-)

I hadn't thought the netbook being _that_ modern. ;-)
Anyway, the logs didn't indicate this, so I didn't know.

> The DRM driver has a number of known bugs and is not functionnal at the
> moment, even with UMS. Also, you need to enable KMS, UMS is still the
> default.

I tried again today, this time with kernel 3.4.0rc6 from yesterday and 
matching xorg openchrome driver.

When booting with "via.modeset=1", the kernel does modesetting on the 
VGA port, but not for the internal display which turns blank.

Openchrome then matches the VESA/DDC modes from the display with the 
internal/EDID modes from the LCD and falls back to 640x480 and 640x350 
resolution, with the internal LCD staying off.

The new KMS modesetting drivers works, although quite slowly (it is 
unaccelerated, after all). Again, it only knows about VGA-0.

> Again, thanks for testing.

And thank you for providing a working Linux/Xorg driver for these pieces 
of .... ;-)

Best regards,

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