[Openchrome-devel] Fix vt1625 output sensing

Harry de Boer harry at ijscoboer.nl
Thu Nov 22 05:01:30 PST 2012


I recently upgraded my Via machine to the latest Ubuntu and I couldn't 
get my tv-output to work again. Last night I decided to dive into the 
code a bit. The first thing I noticed was that vt1625 output sensing 
seemed broken. Attached is a patch that should fix that.

I haven't got it working again yet so there's more to be done. If there 
is anything I should know before continuing or have any tips please let 
me know.

A little about me: I am a computing science student from the 
Netherlands, I have a Via EPIA EX10000EG Mini-ITX board which has a 
CX700 chip. It's mainly used as a server and for its tv-out.


NB, the mailing list link on the openchrome.org front page is still 
linking to the old mailing lists, I first sent this message there by 

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