[Openchrome-devel] Fix vt1625 output sensing

Harry de Boer harry at ijscoboer.nl
Thu Nov 22 06:26:52 PST 2012

Hi Xavier,

thanks for the pointers, I did not know there were two variants. I have 
the VT1625 variant without the 'S' (that is good, it means we can test 

The VT1625S seems to have status bits 4 and 5 always read 0 which on the 
VT1625 would mean an S-Video cable is connected ( I assume your board 
with the VT1625 does not have an S-Video connector?). So we should 
distinguish between them, but I am not sure yet how... If you could 
confirm that this patch it reports an S-Video connection while it's not 
there, we know for sure.

Willem: thanks for the reply, I hope I can figure it out! If you could 
test if the detection works properly for you that would be good.

About subscribing: the new mailing list tells me: "Your subscription 
request has been received, and will soon be acted upon. Depending on the 
configuration of this mailing list, your subscription request may have 
to be first confirmed by you via email, or approved by the list 
moderator. If confirmation is required, you will soon get a confirmation 
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But I have not received a mail of yet (I did it twice now...). I did get 
one from the old mailing list.


On 22-11-12 14:28, Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> Hi Harry,
> On 11/22/2012 02:01 PM, Harry de Boer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently upgraded my Via machine to the latest Ubuntu and I couldn't
>> get my tv-output to work again. Last night I decided to dive into the
>> code a bit. The first thing I noticed was that vt1625 output sensing
>> seemed broken. Attached is a patch that should fix that.
>> I haven't got it working again yet so there's more to be done. If there
>> is anything I should know before continuing or have any tips please let
>> me know.
> Thanks for the patch. There's someone with issue with the TV out on an 
> EX board on the -users mailing list and he has trouble with probing 
> the TV out too, so it comes right to the point ;-)
> There are 2 variant of the VT1625 (VT1625 and VT1625S) out in the wild 
> and it seems there are subtle differences between them. One of the 
> difference is one has 4 DACs and the other has 6. They are sharing the 
> same idea so I don't know of a good way to tell one from the other.
> Fortunately, there are datasheets available for both, it might help 
> you get the TV out working.
> See http://www.openchrome.org/trac/wiki/Development#TVencoders
> Out of curiosity, I do have an EX board too (for testing purpose) and 
> mine is using a VT1625S. What's the flavor on yours ?
>> A little about me: I am a computing science student from the
>> Netherlands, I have a Via EPIA EX10000EG Mini-ITX board which has a
>> CX700 chip. It's mainly used as a server and for its tv-out.
> Glad to meet you and welcome on board :-)
>> Cheers,
>> Harry
>> NB, the mailing list link on the openchrome.org front page is still
>> linking to the old mailing lists, I first sent this message there by
>> accident.
> Thanks for the heads up, I'll fix that tonight. Both the old mailing 
> lists and new ones are still working though, so we've got 2 copies of 
> your mail. I've dropped the first one from the queue.
> Btw, consider subscribing to the list if you don't want your mails to 
> be stuck in the moderation queue until someone let them in ;-)
> Regards,
> Xavier

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