[Openchrome-devel] Mailing lists' move

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Mon Oct 22 13:39:52 PDT 2012


After the move from svn.openchrome.org to git.freedesktop.org, we're
going to move the mailing lists to freedesktop.org too.

Starting Monday, October 29th, sometime in the evening (West Europa
time), mails sent to openchrome-users at openchrome.org and
openchrome-devel at openchrome.org will be redirected to
openchrome-users at lists.freedesktop.org and
openchrome-devel at lists.freedesktop.org, respectively. The change will
take a couple hours to be propagated through name servers.

The subscribers from current mailing lists will be added to the
freedesktop's mailing lists ahead of the redirection, so no mails will
be lost along the way. However, real name, language as well as all
others options will be lost. All subscribers will receive a mail from
the freedesktop.org mailing list manager with a new password and link to
the web interface, where the password could be changed and the options
set to your liking again. Sorry for the inconveniences.

The archives from the openchrome.org mailing lists will be imported into
the freedesktop.org mailing lists in the days following the redirection.

Thanks to all the shadow people involved in the move, you know who you
are :-)


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