[Openchrome-devel] 0.3.0 and later git checkouts mess up fb console

Xavier Bachelot xavier
Mon Sep 10 03:24:01 PDT 2012

On 09/05/2012 04:55 PM, the_mgt wrote:
> Hello!
> As discussed on IRC:
> 0.3.0 and recent git checkouts mess up the framebuffer console on my
> Lenovo S12 (VX800/VX820 Chrome 9 HC3 Integrated Graphics (rev 11)). X
> itself works fine, 0.2.906 does not mess up the console. See screenshots:
> http://ompldr.org/vZmRkcw this is 0.3.0
> http://ompldr.org/vZmRkcQ this is git master
> Find attached to this email the regdumps from 0.2.906, 0.3.0 and git
> master, dumped from running X and also from console with (messed up) vesafb.
Just some quick notes : I can confirm VT switching is busted too on 
another VX800 laptop (Samsung NC20). VT switching works fine on a VX900 
based laptop. I'm currently struggling with an OLPC XO 1.5, which does 
have a VX855. I'll report whether VT switching works or not for this 
chipset later.


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