[Openchrome-devel] [xf86-video-openchrome]X driver for VIA IGPs annotated tag release_0_3_2 created. release_0_3_2

Xavier Bachelot xavierb at kemper.freedesktop.org
Wed Mar 27 14:56:36 PDT 2013

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The annotated tag, release_0_3_2 has been created
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   tagging  9bc4026a4069c1ab5b595315dac4a03d1b65129a (commit)
  replaces  release_0_3_1
 tagged by  Xavier Bachelot
        on  Wed Mar 27 22:56:09 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
release 0.3.2

Bartosz Kosiorek (3):
      registers dumper improvements
      Fixes to reenable EXA composite support. Currently EXA crashes
      Fix Xv bandwidth check when no vertical refresh is available

Harry de Boer (4):
      Fix VT1625 output sensing. VT1625DACSenseI2C was using the same code as VT162xDACSenseI2C but the DAC sensing bit is in a different register for the VT1625. Also adds support for the VT1625S which has only four DACs.
      VT1625 register count is 0x82
      Set possible_crtcs to allow tv outputs to be connected to crtcs.
      Return valid DisplayModePtr list for tv outputs. When creating a list of DisplayModePtr the ->next and ->prev pointers should point to the next/previous item in the list or only the first modeline will be recognised. This patch changes via_tv_get_modes to use the xf86ModesAdd and xf86DuplicateMode helpers to create correct modeline lists from a DisplayModeRec array.

James Simmons (16):
      When setting a new video mode we were assuming the offset into the frame buffer was 0,0 which is not always the case
      The default timeouts for values for I2C are way to small for the defaults xorg server sets. We set them to the VESA DDC specs values instead.
      Setup the basic IGA registers. This is needed to allow CLE266 to work in Non Legacy Modesetting.
      ViaDisplayInit called at startup broke VT switching. Instead I call ViaDisplayInit in VIARestore which allows CLE266 to work without legacy mode
      XSERVER_LIBPCIACCESS is now decrepide but we need to handle older platforms (rhel5) so HAVE_PCIACCESS was created. This patch allows us to use libpciaccess 0.11 or better or work around the lack of libpciaccess.
      Sometimes we fail to get a EDID from a VGA monitor but a real display is attached. In this case we look to see if a vblank is raised by the analog monitor and report it as detected
      Do not support earlier libdrm versions that lack KMS support.
      Fix a double free when exiting the xorg server
      Doh, shouldn't code when sleepy. Free the TV i2c struct only we still have a pBIOSInfo struct left
      Fix a long standing issues of detecting the proper amount of VRAM on the P4M800 devices. We can tell it is a p4m800 versus a km400 by what pci bridge it has and reading the proper pic function
      As the comment suggested in via_outputs.c probing the 3rd i2c bug locks up the P4M900. So we re-enable the via_card_id handling of what outputs to test for to get around this problem.
      Add Nec Powermate VL5 ViaCardId data to support this device
      Support older X servers for RHEL5
      Allow via_output.c to build without C99 mode
      miInitializeBackingStore no longer exist in xorg server 1.14. Removing causes no regression in earlier versions from my testing
      Rename GEM data structure in the fashion of other drm driver apis

Pascal Ermster (1):

Xavier Bachelot (14):
      Fix typo in registers description
      Biostar Viotech 3200+
      Fix typo
      Change to new mailing list address
      Fix indentation
      Fix registers description
      Fix CN400 Xv on secondary
      When the card id is unknown, don't check CLE266 revision if the chipset is not CLE266
      Fujitsu Futro A300 (reported by Alberto Asuero)
      Revert CLE266 to legacy modeswitch
      Add an explicit message for KMS support configure check
      Hardcode panel size for the XO
      bump version to 0.3.2


X driver for VIA IGPs

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