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--- Comment #6 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to Mario Rugiero from comment #5)

Hi Mario,

If I have to comply with some kind of a coding style (someone should define
this somewhere), I could.
The problem is, I had to create 10 patches before someone stopped me and told
me to do things differently.
Someone should have stopped me around second or third patch, but no one will
answer my e-mails or comment on my patches, so I had to keep going.
I do not have repository access, and if I had, it would have made my life
easier (I would have done the commits myself.).
If I were to redo some of the patches, please do repository commits very
quickly (i.e., within a few days of the submission or public posting), so that
I can update my local hard drive's (Epic 1314 laptop I use for my OpenChrome
development) Git repository.
Right now, I have about 13 to 14 patches in the aforementioned computer.
Many of them are small changes, but I do fix some big issues like laptop back
light turn on / off and temporary fix for ACPI S3 State resume.
I will like to see the patches incorporated in the Version 0.3.4 release since
LVDS-based DFP screen getting completely lost after ACPI S3 State resume is a
major bug.


Kevin Brace

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