[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 91966] No signal to monitor with X and openchrome using VX855 chipset graphics

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--- Comment #98 from Christopher <laserhawk64 at gmail.com> ---
'ey Kevin, Merry Christmas!

I have a little quandary with DVI. See, I'm at my father's house for
Christmas... I'll be going home this Wednesday. My father owns one or two
screens that can do DVI (old 15" Dell LCD from gawd only knows how long ago),
but I do not. I have (oddly enough) a DVI cable -- but I left it at home. OOPS!

I can tell you that I have an *HDMI* screen at home... big sonova[...] as well.
It's a 20" widescreen, my biggest one by far -- Dell ST2010. I can juuuuuuust
barely wedge a DVI->HDMI adapter in there (mine is rather bulky) and use that
with the DVI cable. I did that once, reports are here, behavior was identical
as to VGA.

It wouldn't surprise me /entirely/ if this turned out to be an Xorg-in-Puppy
sort of bug, although, TBH, I would be caught a little off guard at this point

Nevertheless, I will try to arrange for a DVI cable to be purchased tomorrow,
or connive my way into taking home yet another LCD. I guess having five
VGA-only screens and one VGA/HDMI one just isn't enough :P LOL.

Actually -- FWIW -- here's my, er, collection...

Dell ST2010 20" 1600*900 VGA/HDMI
Dell somethingorother 17" 1280*1024 VGA
HP vf52 15" 1024*768 VGA
HP vs17 17" 1280*1024 VGA
HP vs17c 17" 1280*1024 VGA
Acer somethingorother 15" VGA (I forget the resolution, and I'm not 100% on the
size... it's my newest and I've only used it once...)

If I manage to bring home that Dell DVI-able screen I mentioned, I'll be adding
this line to the above list --

Dell 1503FP 15" 1024*768 VGA/DVI

We'll see what happens...

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