[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 91966] No signal to monitor with X and openchrome using VX855 chipset graphics

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--- Comment #79 from Christopher <laserhawk64 at gmail.com> ---
Agh, no edit button. Dontcha just hate it when you hit [POST] and then you
think of something else and there's no dang edit button? Ugh.

Anyhow -- if you pick up that listing, you'll need a power supply. Barrel jack
is the input, 2.1x5.5mm, I believe are the proper plug dimensions (that's inner
diameter x outer diameter, mind you!). INPUT MUST BE TWELVE REGULATED VOLTS
unless you want to do unspeakable things to your Cx0 ;) I'm running mine off of
a spare 12v 1.5a Netgear router "wall wart" (transformer lump that hogs space
around the outlet) but even that really is a bit overkill... I could quite
likely go down to a 1a model if I had one that was properly regulated (i.e.
switching, not "unregulated" which really is load regulated and does Very Nasty
Things to computers if you try and use it with them...). Mind you also that
PS/2 keyboards and mice pull way more power than USB equivalents, or so I hear
-- I'm using USB keyboard and mouse with mine.

...oh, and if you've got a VGA-only screen you'll need an adapter for that, the
video port is a DVI-I.

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