[Openchrome-devel] Getting ready to release OpenChrome Version 0.3.4

Kevin Brace kevinbrace at gmx.com
Fri Feb 12 04:12:34 UTC 2016

Hi Mario,

> I remember I used to test it. AFAIR, using it is a matter of having the 
> kernel running with KMS support (implies you should build it), and the 
> X.org driver should adapt by itself.
> via_modeset is enabled by default in the DRM code, so as long as it's up 
> and running it should be enabled.

To me, the instructions given in the webpage were inadequate.


How do I pass the parameters to the kernel?
I tried compile the DRM, and tried to install it with Ubuntu 10.04 i386.
If KMS / DRM is working, I plan to transplant it to Zotac ZBOX nano which has HDMI and DisplayPort (VX900H chipset).
If there is someone that got KMS / DRM working, let me know the precise way how I compile DRM and activate KMS.


Kevin Brace

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