[Openchrome-devel] Getting ready to release OpenChrome Version 0.3.4

Svenska svenska-ml at arcor.de
Fri Feb 12 21:54:42 UTC 2016


I have access to a Quanta IL1 compatible netbook, which is VX800-based. 
It has a 800x480 LCD display and a VGA output.

I can confirm that the display does not come back after suspend (usually 
off, sometimes it turns on and fades to white). Also, on my system, 
Openchrome does not support dualscreen (not enough Xrandr support).

If you do some VX800-related changes, I could test them.

About KMS... if it is working correctly, then the Modesetting driver 
should work fine. What further benefits would the Openchrome X driver 
provide on VX800 or newer chipsets? Since 3D and video decoding will 
probably never be implemented, a KMS driver with xf86-video-modesetting 
alone could work well.

Best Regards,

Am 11.02.2016 um 21:40 schrieb Kevin Brace:
> Hi,
> Since there has not been a new release of OpenChrome for more than 2 1/2 years, I feel like we should release a new version very soon, so that various Linux / BSD distributions can update their bundled OpenChrome.
> I will like to ask people who have access to various VIA Technologies integrated graphics based computers to start doing some testing of the master branch code so that we can figure out what works and what does not work.
> In particular, I will like to know what does not work, so that we can focus on fixing the problems.
> As far as I know, OpenChrome still has the following problems / bugs.
> - No mouse cursor on Lubuntu 10.04 (CLE266, KM400, and probably P4M800)
> - When LVDS flat panel is used simultaneously with VGA, there is a crash if LVDS is turned off and VGA is turned on simultaneously (VN896)
> - When LVDS flat panel is used simultaneously with VGA, after LVDS is turned off, if VGA resolution is changed, there is a crash (VN896)
> - LVDS flat panel is lost when resuming from ACPI S3 State (standby) (VN896)
> - ACPI S3 State resume instability (VX800)
> - The screen goes blank with during boot (P4M890)
> - Random junk being displayed on the screen when resuming from ACPI S3 / S4 State (standby / hibernation)
> I do own a fair amount of VIA Technologies hardware, but I do not really own too many of them that have DVI (via VT1632A TMDS transmitter).
> I recently fixed a bug related to probing for VT1632A with the person who reported it, and since I do not own a regular computer that has DVI (I do own 2 thin clients with VT1632A, but have not had to time to figure out how to use them.), I want other people to do the testing to see if the latest fix works for everybody.
> I am also working on trying to fix VGA coming out of s DVI-I connector via DVI to VGA dongle, and this is also related to the VT1632A probing issue.
> With the latest fix, VT1632A is being probed for every VIA Technologies chipset (previously only for P4M800 Pro / VN800 / CN700 chipsets) via I2C buses, and as far as I am concerned, this new code path works well with KM400, K8M800, VN896, and P4M900.
> Furthermore, there is KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) supporting newer DRM module in the repository collecting electronic dust.
> https://cgit.freedesktop.org/openchrome/drm-openchrome/
> https://cgit.freedesktop.org/openchrome/drm-openchrome/tree/drivers/gpu/drm/via
> Personally, I have not been successful in figuring out how to use it so far, but there is someone who can figure it out how to install it, that will be helpful.
> Here is the instructions on how to install it.
> https://wiki.freedesktop.org/www/Openchrome/TtmGemKms/
> Anyway, if anyone wants instructions on how to build OpenChrome from the master branch, I can provide detailed instructions on how to do it.
> Regards,
> Kevin Brace (OpenChrome Project Maintainer)
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